Electrical And computer consultancy

Planning, design and supervision of many engineering projects cannot be effectively and efficiently achieved without assistance from the problem solving and data handling capabilities of computers. WASCON has recognized from the early stages the impact of computer in engineering. The firm has made a considerable use of computers to enhance services not only at the design level but also for construction site management and supervision.

The computer services section apart from being a support also offers consultancy services in system planning, design and analysis and has carried out projects for various clients.

The firm has an extensive in house computer capability in all its site offices and has a comprehensive set of software packages for various fields including:

  • Road, Concrete and Steel Designs
  • Structural and Hydrological Analysis
  • Project and construction management Topographic and Traffic Survey Quantities
  • 3d Models and Animation
  • Vsat installation
  • office automation
  • computer and accessories supply
  • database design
  • lan and wan setup
  • church and school management software
  • cloud computing
  • mobile app development