Transportation Division

WASCON has been involved with the transportation development in the country. The firm provides a comprehensive consulting service in highway and transportation. The practice has gained experience and has developed expertise in studies, planning, design, construction management of highway and bridges


Roads and Bridges constitute particularly an important part of highway engineering undertaken by WASCON. A wide range of experience has been gained by the company over the years including new construction methods.

WASCON provides comprehensive consultancy services in the studies, land survey, soil studies, environmental impact studies, planning, design and supervision of related project.

WASCON  has  wide  experience  in  the  collection  and interpretation of data. With the aid of computers and very competent experts facilitating and processing of data, design and planning is optimized. The firm has handled many road and bridge project for NDDC.


Since its establishment, WASCON has been associated with water resources development, hydraulic structures and irrigation systems in Nigeria. From surveys and studies, installation of hydrological networks to planning, design and construction supervision, the firm has developed expertise and has acquired considerable experience and data on water resources development in various parts of the Niger Delta area of the country.



WASCON has maintained a steady flow of progressive expertise in all aspect of drainage system. The firm has been responsible for studies, planning and assessments of drainage system in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The firms’ efficiency in computer application has been extended to process hydrological data and complex water resources system thereby providing greatly improved analytical and planning technique.